Mindiverse Podcast

Since the beginnging of 2020, Mindiverse has been recording the live sessions into videos and audios; videos can be found from Mindiverse YouTube Channel, and now audios, which were recorded using professional instruments and post-produce, are available as podcast on all main platforms of podcast including Spotify, Google and Apple.

The podcast name is “Mindiverse Awakening Talk”, hoping to bring clarity to more people about the nature of mind.


For Spotify users, visit Mindiverse Awakening Talk on Spotify

Google Podcast

For general Android users, visit Mindiverse Awakening Talk on Google Podcast.

Apple Podcast

For generawl Apple users, visit Mindiverse Awakening Talk on Apple Podcast.

For other platforms either on Android or iOS

For more platforms, check here.

Audio Live Stream

All the meditation sessions are streamed via YouTube Live and HD audio. If you would like to join the live session via audio, check Mindiverse HD Audio Live