Mindiverse Needs Your Support

Mindiverse has been running for two years (up to Oct 2020). During the past two year, we have been organizing 100+ free meditation sessions and making YouTube videos to spread the nature of mind. What has been done is purely non-profits and out of our own pocket.

To make this initiative more sustainable, we are inviting you to support this project. All the donation and financial support will go to the development of this initiative, making it more accessible to people and benefiting more people.

How to support Mindiverse

1. Financial support

You could donate some money to Mindiverse to support its growth and development. It is totally up to you to decide how much you want to donate.

Via the platform GoFundMe

Currently, Mindiverse is running a fundraiser on GoFundMe to raise fund for online adverstisement, click this link to donate.

Bank account

NL71 INGB 0657 8643 82 (C Zhang) or via this link (if it still valid)

2. Mental support

Spread the Mindiverse events to your families, friends and raise the awareness of mental health among them.