About Mindiverse

About the name “mindiverse”

The original idea that led to this name is based on two words: mind and universe, which means a vast space to explore within our mind. The combination of these two words mind(un)iverse, fortunately, coincides with another combination, mind(d)iverse, which means the diversity of human mind due to the numerous possibilities in the vast mind space. In the domain “mindiver.se”, the dot helps highlight the noun ‘diver’, synonymous with ‘explorer’. Everyone is a mind explorer, isn’t it? Moreover, the way to explore the mind matters, that is, only via a proper (but not necessarily unique) way to explore the mind can we truly embrace mind diversity. With this appreciation, we can eternize our compassion for others, sticking to our belief that love can conquer everything.

What does Mindiverse do in English?

Mindiverse (https://mindiver.se) focuses on a thorough exploration of human minds: Zen (Chan, 禅, Thiền, Seon), neurophilosophy, mindfulness (Sati, 正念) and modern spiritual growth, to improve people’s wellbeing and contribute to a healthy mind. The ultimate purpose is to awaken people. Mindiverse deals with the topic via Buddhist philosophy and neurophilosophy.

Mindiverse has been organizing free mindfulness events since last year. All events combine mindfulness practice and philosophy, The attendees include academics, programmers, creatives, business people and students. In addition, Mindiverse provides bilingual (en/zh-cn) mindfulness training service including personal mindfulness training (1 to 1 or a small group, 9 weeks), customized company mindfulness training, customized transcultural communication for international companies; mindfulness and leadership training.

About this website

This website keeps a record of all sorts of open events organized in the name of Mindiverse and resources used in the events like meditation audio guide to facilitate sharing these with more people.


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