Mindiverse Meditation Events

Here you will find the information about all the meditation events organized by Mindiverse. Mindiverse focuses on truth of the mind, related to Chan and Taoism; so the events are all about mindfulness practice and wisdom, aiming at good wellbeing and clarity about life.

Update on Sep. 23 2020 : Meditation session will takes place via Zoom Meeting, besides YouTube. Register link

Online Meditation Session

Due to the extended lockdown period of coronavirus, the meditation session takes place online every week: Monday at 7 PM via Zoom Meeting and YouTube Live.

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Upcoming live streams via Zoom and YouTube Live URL

Introduction to the session

More short videos about can be found from Mindiverse YouTube Channel.

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Meetup: Mindful Amsterdam

At the moment, Mindiverse delivers a regular event every Monday in Amsterdam, which is called “Mindful Amsterdam”. This weekly event revolves around mindfulness practice and philosophical discussion over life and being. This discussion serves as a supplement to meditation and starts off with neurophilosophy and Buddhist philosophy. The discussion carries off in an open and sincere environment. This event is open for everyone to improve wellbeing.

You could find the schedule of the events in Meetup or Facebook event.

YouTube Channels

For meditation and philosophy of human minds, Mindiverse is currently running two YouTube Channels, Mindiverse (For English speaksers) and 曼谛悟思 (for Chinese speakers).

Mindiverse Life

Mindiverse Life is a bilingual YouTube channel focusing on a lifestyle of freedom and diversity. This YouTube channel shows a mindful life and hopes to inspire more people to find themselves and be themselves.

Talking in Chinese

A Meetup group dedicated to Chinese learners. Mindiverse organizes this weekly event and combine mindfulness into it in one way or another. In the event, people practice Chinese and connect each other. Mindiverse is a proud to provide such a platform where people could socialize and learn together. Check out the Meetup group - Talking in Chinese here

Mindiverse Workplace

Mindiverse is planning more events in the workplace to help people reduce their work stress and find a good work-life balance. We are reaching out now to different companies, to raise the awareness of mental health. Please help spread the message!