Mindiverse Audio Live

Mindiverse Meditation Session is also streamed via audio, if you would like to focus on the content, audio is probably the best option. Currently, this option is in experiment, if you would like to give some feedback, please drop us an email via

If you want to listen to the playback, check out Mindiverse Podcast

Other options for video watchers

Alternatively, the meditation session is streamed via YouTube Live, if ypu would like to see the speaker’s face as well; the video and audio quality is very good.

In collaboration with Authentic Days, the session is also simultaneously being held via Whereby, an online meeting room similar to Zoom or Google Meet. There is no (very little) delay, but the video & audio quality and the stability is sacrificed.

Check your camera and mic before joining, it is recommended to keep your microphone muted when joining the session, to avoid making unwanted noise due to the sensitivity of the microphone. Camera is optional.

With the microphone muted, when you need to speak, press and hold the “space” button on the keyboard to “push to talk”; of course, you could also leave messages via “chat”.