Freedom -- a neuroperspective

Freedom has become a platitude. We keep talking about all kinds of freedom in all kinds of forms; like “love”, “democracy”, when “freedom” turns into a word, it becomes superficial; rather than being superficial, let’s look into freedom today, in the context of mindfulness, assisted by Buddhist philosophy and neurophilosophy.

  1. what is freedom?
  2. Why are we so obssessed with all kinds of exterior freedom?
  3. Are those exterior freedom the true freedom?
  4. When we are trapped by thoughts and emotions, are we free? Does the exterior freedom still make sense to us?

Let’s examine many of the exterior freedom forms in our life, today in the session.

  1. Freedom of expressing
  2. Financial freedom
  3. Freedom of thinking
  4. You name it.

Note: It is 52nd session of this event, which means 1 year anniversary.

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