1 year anniversary --- gratitude

By Dec.9 2019, we have organized 52 mindfulness sessions, which means 52 weeks consecutively — 1 year anniversary of the event. Thank you for everyone’s support to make this event possible.

From the very beginning, the intention of organizing this event is to raise the awareness of the mental well-being and spread the message of mindfulness to benefit more people and help them fight against overthinking and negativities. We hope to awaken more people to the essence of being and living.

How quickly time passes, this event has turned one year old. Thanks are given to everyone who supports or attends or gives attention to this event.

  1. Thanks are given to VU Amsterdam for the venue and the promotion on VU Official Facebook Page and Meetup group.
  2. Thanks are given to Authentic Days to spread the event.
  3. Thanks are given to all the people who attend the event; without them, the event would not have been possible.
  4. Thanks are given to Bob for his company in this event; thanks are given to Nikki for connecting this event to VU Faculty of Social Sciences.
  5. Thanks are given to people who invited their friends and spread the event to more people.

Hope everyone has a beautiful day and let love and compassion run through your life.