Mindiverse Program Overview 曼谛悟思节目概览

Last updated on July.21 2020

Mindiverse is offering very diverse content about the mind, from the very basic meditation technique to philosophical understanding of the nature of mind. That’s why the form of the programme is also very diverse.


Programme Name 节目名称 Language 语言 Platform 平台
Offline meditation sessions, which have been moved to online since March 2020 English Mindiverse events, Mindiverse YouTube, Podcast: Mindivese Awakening Talk
Mindiverse Talk 空谈/空读 Audio + Text Chinese Mindiverse 微信号, Mindiverse头条号, 知乎, 简书, Mindiverse 曼谛悟思中文网, Podcast: Mindiverse Talk 曼谛悟思空对话, Now 冥想 (as 畅谈, 1.5M plays by May 2020)
Meditation Audio Guide Chinese Telegram, Mindiverse 微信号, Mindiverse头条号, Podcast: Mindiverse 冥想, 喜马拉雅
Videos:1. about Meditation and philosophy 2.public speech and lecture (by July. 2020) Chinese 曼谛悟思Youtube, Mindiverse 微信号, Mindiverse头条号,西瓜视频, 抖音
Videos about Meditation and philosophy English Mindiverse YouTube
Meditation Audio Guide (for offline events) English Mindiverse events
Mindiverse Gleaning 空唠唠 Audio + Writing (more philosophical) Chinese Mindiverse 微信号, Mindiverse头条号, 知乎, 简书, Now 冥想
Articles/Writing on mindfulness Chinese Mindiverse 微信号, Mindiverse头条号, 知乎, 简书, Mindiverse 曼谛悟思中文网
Introductory Meditation course (9 week, Audio Guide, based on Zen) Chinese it is already available in Toutiao 头条, Now 冥想 and ximalaya 喜马拉雅
Online events via live stream (by July. 2020) Chinese In preparation


  1. Not all the platforms are in sync at the moment, because we don’t have enough time to do that.
  2. For Chinese content, by Apr.19 2020, Wechat, Toutiao 头条 and Zhihu 知乎 are the main platforms.
  3. For English content, by Apr.19 2020, Mindiverse events and YouTube are the main platforms.
  4. Anchor Podcast automatically distributes the content to all main podcast platforms, like Apple and Google.
  5. Now 冥想 is a Chinese platform for meditation and mindfulness, which provides content via Android and iOS apps.