Mindiverse Online Meditation Session

(Updated on 23 Sep 2020)

Mindiverse is currently offering free weekly online sessions, due to the recent situation of coronavirus.

There are two online meditation sessions each week, everyone is welcome to join to meditate and quieten the mind.

Who needs meditation?

  1. Anyone who would like to explore the inner world, for freedom, blue-sky thinking and creativity.
  2. People who cannot stay calm and stress-free for the time being, for their well-being.
  3. People would like to know the essence of the world, therefore for a deep level of peace.
  4. Anyone. Meditation is life, life is meditation, so for anyone who needs to live a life.

What is the session like?

The online session focuses on meditation, includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Diverse meditation technique review/explanation (best to watch the 10-min intro videos via this link if you are very new to meditation).
  2. Philosophical exploration into the nature of mind: based on Zen, Taoism and neurons.
  3. Meditate together to quieten the mind.
  4. Q&A about meditation, (leave a message during the session, we try our best to answer)

How long does each session last?

The session lasts 1 hour.

Is it free?

Mindiverse event is free for everyone; but donation is highly recommended to to support Mindiverse initiative: 3 euros (or any amount) per session via this online payment link or here

How/where to join the session?

Register via here to get the link to join Zoom session.

Watch YouTube Live

The YouTube Live URL: click here

What is the date and time to join the online session?

Click one of links as below for the date and time.

  1. Facebook event
  2. Mindful Amsterdam Meetup
  3. Within this website, event section