Summary: online meditation sessions in December 2020 (via Zoom)

Every Monday, there is a one-hour online meditation session, everyone is welcome to join to meditate for clarity, truth and peace.

Join via Zoom

Time table

Date&Time Length YouTube URL Topic
Dec.7 2020 7PM GMT+1 1H Languages
Dec.14 2020 7PM GMT+1 1H Look at the self as it is, relationship
Dec.21 2020 7PM GMT+1 1H Alone, exclusion
Dec.28 2020 7PM GMT+1 1H Beginning and end

Join the event via online meeting platform

Join the session via Zoom. Meanwhile, the session is also broadcast via YouTube (only the speaker Cico appears in the video) via this link.

If you are new to meditation or want to revise the technique, we have prepared a 10-minute video for you, check it out on this page.

Meditation audio used in the session can be found via Resource