Now冥想 空中冥想室 Oct.5: Meditation on the air

Mindiverse is colloborating with a Chinese Meditation platform “Now Meditation” in producing a series of mindfulness programmes for Chinese-speaking audience.

On Oct.5 2019, Mindiverse will host a meditation live audio session on the internet via the platform of “Now Meditation”. Thousands of audience will attend this session via WeChat. The topic of this session will be “Nothing really matters.”

2019年10月5日,Mindiverse 将通过 Now 冥想平台来主持一次空中冥想活动,预计会有数千名网友通过手机微信才参与这次音频直播,这次活动的主题是“重拾举重若轻的心态”。

The live session has ended; you could retrieve the content of the session via this link