Live stream

Due to the recent situation of Coronavirus, all Mindiverse events will take place via YouTube Live and a few more online sessions are added to bring peace to more people.

Each online session will include some discussion about coronavirus, examine the reactions and behaviours in this situation, hopefully to bring a little more peace to people.

In an individual society, people care about privacy so much; what is privacy? Why are people becoming so private? Do animals care about privacy? Today let’s debunk privacy. We don’t say wether caring about privacy is good or bad; but we try to understand how the mind runs around privacy, getting the clarity.

  1. What is privacy?
  2. What are people really caring about?
  3. What are behind privacy?

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If you are new to meditation or want to revise the technique, we have prepared a 10-minute video for you, check it out on this page.

Meditation audio used in the session can be found via Resource