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Due to the long-term ignorance of the nature of human minds, the society is becoming the victim of the chaotic mind; humans are divided among so many different views, opinions and things; people are sharing some common biases, but people are biased individually in different ways; the diversity of the mind is probably the diversity of human biases.

Needless to say, everyone suffers from biases in one way or another, directly or indirectly. In this session, let’s look at biases, can we look at them non-judgmentally?

Biases won’t be understood unless we understand the mind.

A series of questions/points to reflect upon (not to answer them, and not limited to these points)

  1. What are biases?
  2. Where are biases from?
  3. Are biases related to judgment, assumptions. prejudice?
  4. What about discriminations?
  5. Why is getting rid of biases a new bias?

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