Now冥想 空中冥想室 Feb.8 meditation on the air: 无“情”有爱

On Feb.8 2020 (9 PM Beijing Time), Mindiverse will be hosting a meditation live session via “Now Meditation”, to provide some mental guidance to reduce the anxiety and emotion caused by the recent coronavirus outbreak. Everyone will die for sure, but the thought about death, not the fact, is killing us; at such a moment, let’s face the issue and examine it;everyone needs wisdom to cope with the challenge, and now, calm and peace is the wisdom.

2020年2月8日北京时间晚上九点,Mindiverse 将通过 Now 冥想平台来主持一次空中冥想活动,来跟大家一块直面最近肺炎疫情所带来的情绪和困扰。死亡是每个人迟早要经历的,但是不是这个事实,而是我们对这个事实的反应让我们内心起了波澜。


  1. 语音引导冥想
  2. 哲思谈话
  3. 答疑解惑

More information will be available shortly.

About Mindiverse and Now Meditation 关于 曼谛悟思 和Now 冥想

Mindiverse 曼谛悟思 is collaborating with a Chinese Meditation platform “Now Meditation(Now 冥想)” in producing a series of mindfulness programmes for Chinese-speaking audience, which is called “畅谈” on “Now 冥想”。