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Everyone is so easy to get traumatized, isn’t it? Trauma means the reaction to some unpleasant experience, but what is “unpleasant”? Why does one react to it? We have enough theory already to explain trauma, but can we observe the traumatized mind without running away by resorting to any theory?

Trauma is more subtle than you think; each day, one might be “traumatized” by all kinds of small things, most of which, fortunately, can be swallowed by one; this is the life of most people; if one wants to take it seriously and examine the mind status and live a life with peace and joy, one has to turn inward.

Today, let’s, through trauma, see the nature of mind.

  1. “Trauma” is only a word, a label, what is behind the “trauma”?
  2. Why do we have trauma?
  3. How to walk out of the trauma?
  4. How to avoid creating new trauma?

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