Mindiverse 曼谛悟思线上活动视频直播 (斗鱼+YouTube) 测试 Feb.15

Note updated on Feb.14 2020


内容包含 冥想引导,哲思和互动。欢迎参加。



Douyin does not allow people to host a live stream from outside China; so we need to solve this technical? issue first. The event is delayed until further notice.


On Feb.11 2020 (9 PM Beijing Time), Mindiverse unites “Now Meditation” to have a video live broadcast via Douyin, a Chinese video broadcast platform. The live meditation session still revolves around the mental challenges arising from the recent coronavirus eruption and provide emotion relief and wholesome views on death and life issues.

The broadcast is in Mandarin Chinese.

2020年2月11日北京时间晚上九点,Mindiverse 曼谛悟思 将通过 Now 冥想 来举行一次视频直播,来做一次空中冥想的引导;话题依然是最近的肺炎疫情,旨在舒缓情绪和提供更为明确的人生观。



More information will be available shortly.

About Mindiverse and Now Meditation 关于 曼谛悟思 和Now 冥想

Mindiverse 曼谛悟思 is collaborating with a Chinese Meditation platform “Now Meditation(Now 冥想)” in producing a series of mindfulness programmes for Chinese-speaking audience, which is called “畅谈” on “Now 冥想”。